Emergency Preparedness and Tip Brochures

Preparing for an Emergency

Family Communication Plan

FEMA Emergency Supply List

Preparing for Pet Owners

Preparedness for Seniors

Americans with Disabilities

Commuter Planing

Preparing for Businesses

Severe Weather Packet

Power Outage Red Cross Ready

Fire Escape Planning Tips

Ready.gov Family Emergency Plan Wallet Card


Some links provided by Homesafetyhub.org

“Year Round” Severe Weather Safety Advice -Homesafetyhub.org

Disaster Safety and Prevention: Protecting Your Home and Family - Homesafetyhub.org

Checklist: Emergency Planning for Seniors –Homesafetyhub.org

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes – Homesafetyhub.org

Disaster preparedness for families with food allergies –Homesafetyhub.org

Do You Have a Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan? – Homesafetyhub.org


Tips and Helpful Brochures from the Michigan State Police


     Some links provided by CSCCR.ORG

(Center for School, College and Career Resources)

Students Guide to Recovering from Natural Disasters

Emergency Preparedness In School




Publications courtesy of : Ready.gov, Michgan.gov, American Red Cross and FEMA


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